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For you to review,  download and bring with you to the meeting

We welcome you to join your Shandon Advisory Council Meeting the 1st Wednesday of each Month to talk about and learn more about what is going on in your community. 


Meetings include updates from Safety Departments such as CHP, Sheriff's Department and CalFire.  County representatives will be present based on the topics at hand including Water Management, Public Works and Code Enforcement.  Our local Library, School District and more also offer reports and updates. 

Our Supervisor, John Peschong and his office will provide County Supervisor updates as well. 
Meeting location is the Community Club House at Clarke Park at 7:00pm. 

2024 Meeting Agendas & Minutes

June 05, 2024 Meeting Agenda

May 01, 2024 Meeting Minutes  (not approved)

April 03, 2024 Meeting Minutes (approved)

March o6, 2024 Meeting Minutes (approved as ammended)

February 07, 2024 Meeting Minutes (approved)

January 03, 2024 Meeting Minutes (approved)

2023 Meeting Agendas & Minutes

December 06, 2023 Meeting Minutes (not approved)

November 01, 2023 Meeting Minutes

October 04, 2023 Meeting AGENDA

September 06, 2023 Meeting Minutes

August 02, 2023 Meeting Agenda

July 11, 2023 SPECIAL MEETING Agenda

July 05, 2023 Meeting Minutes approved 

June 07, 2023 Meeting AGENDA

May 03, 2023 Meeting MINUTES for review

April 05, 2023 Meeting MINUTES approved 2023 0503

March 01, 2023 Meeting MINUTES approved as amended

February 01, 2023 MINUTES Approved 2023 0301

January 04, 2023 MINUTES Approved 2023 0201

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