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 2023 Minor Ordinance Amendment Package - Referral LRP2023-00010o
Project Description: The Public Review Draft of the 2023 Minor Ordinance Amendment and Clean-up Package is attached for review and comment. The ordinance is tentatively scheduled for a Planning Commission hearing on August 10, 2023. Comments are due on July 13, 2023. Late comments will be forwarded to the Planning Commission but will not be responded to in the staff report or considered in the public hearing draft of the ordinance.

  1. 2024 UPDATE: The property owners representative will present this request at the June 05, 2024 SAC Meeting.

  2. Page 2: Shandon Habitat Buffer Update - This ordinance amendment would modify Land Use Ordinance Section 22.94.020(D)(5)(c) to clarify that allowable uses in the Agriculture land use category, as identified in Table 2-2, are allowed within the Shandon Habitat Buffer Area. This buffer was intended to preserve a wildlife corridor within the previously proposed Fallingstar development and was not intended to preclude the development consistent with the existing Ariculture land use category.

  3. Page 20-25: PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT – J. Tallent inquiring with project manager

  4. SAC Letter to Planning Commission requesting the Buffer remain in place

  5. Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 10 @ 9a in SLO 

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